Business range:

> Cement Plant-wide Design, technical transformation, production adjusting, production technical guidance, technology transfer, equipment installation guidance and so forth;

> Lump-sum contracting for cement production line construction and technical transformation project;


> Cement Plant-wide equipment development, equipment design, equipment manufacture and sale;


> Acting as agent for foreign cement plants to purchase equipment.

Technology advantages:

> Burning system parameter revise, which  has taken several years to develop, makes our design more suitable to  need. It’s able to adapt to high-altitude areas and the use of low grade coal andsoft coal. All the burning systems that have been designed or technical transformed by us can guarantee meeting the standard within a week after feeding;

> Top-ranking precalcining technology, including preheater、calciner、inner、lock valve、division valve、tertiary duct valve and so forth;

> New storage technology of powder barn, makes it more easily to store raw material, cement and other powders with better homogenization and higher degree of unstow;

> Our cement industrial refuse disposal technology has successfully diposed 32 different kinds of waste in Lucky Cement Group Technical Transform Project。

Our mission statement:

> We'll stick to our enterprise spirit, which is to be remarkable, self-reliant, innovative and progressive and keep improving the core competence of our company.

> We insist on understanding our clients better and serving them with less cost and more advanced technology.

> We’ll regard “survive on high quality, develope with good credit” as our enterprise principle and keep to it.

> We’ll stick to our aim, which is “Clients first, service-oriented”, and strive hard. We are and we will use perfected technology and high quality service to join the competition and repay the society.