Jiahe nanling cement company introduction

Jiahe Nanling Cement Co., Ltd. plans to build two 5000TD clinker cement production lines. The general drawing of the whole production process designed for our company is as follows:


Each production system is briefly described below:

The single-stage crusher is adopted for limestone crushing, with crushing capacity of 1200t/h. The production process is as follows: 1 shift

Limestone adopts a pre-homogenizing storage yard with a storage capacity of 2x44800t and a storage period of about 7 days. The capacity of the stacker is 1400t/h and the capacity of the feeder is 900t/h. The production process is as follows:

Clayty iron raw materials and raw coal share a stacking shack, the raw coal is anthracite, and the possibility of crushing is taken into account by using pre-homogenizing raw materials. When crushing is not considered, the stacker can be directly fed into the stockyard through the feeding bin. The capacity of the stacker is 500t/h, the raw material of the retracter is 350t/h, and the raw coal is 160t/h:

Raw material batching is carried out by way of batching storehouse, with the diameter of limestone storehouse 10m, iron storehouse 8m and clay storehouse 2x6m. Considering the correction of raw material storehouse diameter 10m and the unloading problem of clay raw materials, the storehouse bottom is designed with large open type and the production process of plate feeder is as follows:

Raw material grinding and waste gas processing system, the use of roller press grinding raw material grinding device, considering the ability of roller press, we adopted in each of the clinker production line 2 roller press grinding system. The specifications of the roller press 1600 x1400mm, final grinding system design capacity of 230 t/h. Production process is as follows:

Raw material storage and homogenization, adopted the fort type library storage and homogenization, diameter of 22.5 m, reserves of 17000 t. Preheater feeding measuring the impact of flow meter. Production process flow diagram is as follows:

The pulverized coal preparation system, adopting the wind sweep mill system, the specifications of the mill is 3.8 x (7.75 + 3.5) m, 40 t/h capacity, production process is as follows:

Firing system, the use of the BSC online decomposition furnace double series of five cyclone preheater, diameter 4.8 x72m rotary kiln and step by step without leakage of the fourth generation of grate type cooling of clinker burning system.

The specifications of the preheater and calciner is as follows:




System design of clinker capacity of 5000 t/d normally, the maximum capacity of 6050 t/d. Production process is as follows:

Clinker storage library with tents, 60 m in diameter, reserves of 104000 t. The repository is no support structure design center, namely no support structure in the center of the library, for the domestic library optimization design of the same type tent. In addition, the library side, set both the clinker in bulk. Production flow chart is as follows:

Gypsum cement raw materials, mixing materials from factory original shaft kiln with storage Settings. Cement raw material using ingredients at the bottom. Production process is as follows:

Cement grinding using two 4.2 x13m diameter tube mill, each equipped with a roller grinding machine, V - sepa and O - closed-circuit crushing and grinding system composed of sepa. For improving the grinding efficiency, increase production and reduce the energy consumption of grinding machine, closed-circuit crushing and grinding system is set up a separate dust collecting system. Design of each production system capacity of 155 t/h (Portland cement). When using fly ash ingredient, fly ash directly into the classifier. Production process is as follows:

Cement storage using six libraries, 18 m in diameter, each library has a capacity of 11000 t. Type for the fort at the bottom, bulk loading directly, bagged cement by air delivery chute transportation into the cement packaging system. Production process is as follows:

Cement packaging system, adopted four 8 mouth single capacity of 100 t/h rotary packing and system, the cement bag packaging directly loading, no loading platform. Production process is as follows:

Photo-realistic image schedule is as follows:





Jiahe nanling cement company introduction

The Project for Jiahe Nanling Cement Co.,Ltd. The Company located in Hunan Provice, Two production line that produce 5000t/d cement was designed by our company.





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